New Customer Converted!

The food itself... Oh my! You guys put the other locations to shame, and that's coming from a person that has been loyal to Rick's BBQ for years. As good as they legitimately are, you guys are so much better! Everything was so fresh and flavorful. My drive back home to the north side of Florence was about 15 minutes because of the wet weather and traffic, but even still, when I got back with my food, all the hot items were still hot and the potato salad was still surprisingly cold... just as it should be. You guys are amazing!

Impressed by Cleanliness

Besides the top quality customer service experience, I could tell just by looking through the window that both the "front of house" and "back of house" are kept clean and organized, and I feel completely confident that employees are following food safety procedures, based on how I could see things being kept neat and organized. I worked in food service for 15 years, including management, and it's easy to pick up on certain clues to how things are being run.

Muscle Shoals Review

I just wanted to give a big GREAT JOB to the Muscle Shoals, AL location that has recently opened. I went by there for lunch today, after hearing how great you guys are. I'd never tried Lawler's BBQ before today. From the moment I pulled up to the drive-thru window until I drove off, I felt completely welcomed and appreciated at your establishment. Tiffany was the associate helping me at the drive-thru today, and she went out of her way to be genuinely friendly and welcoming, while still being completely professional. It honestly felt like I had made a new friend with the way I she treated me. Besides that, she cared to make sure that my order was absolutely correct (checking three times through the process) and making sure I had any "extras" that I may need to make my lunch complete.