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We do it all!  Let us save you money!

We offer different levels of catering based on your needs, as well as the total guest number.

Full Service Cater. We bring your menu choices planning the food quantities based on your guest number, bringing adequate quantities of food to insure that we do not run out. We arrive 1 hour before serving time to get unloaded and set up so that serving can begin at your specified time. We maintain the Self-Serve Buffet Line for a 1 hour serving time, after which we clean up all the serving trash and leave at that point. This option is priced per person, starting at $8.97, and requires a minimum of 100 guests. To get your customized bid email us.

Delivery. We bring food quantities based on your menu choices for the guest number. We ask lots of questions regarding your plans so that we can customize the food quantity to best fit your needs and budget. We arrive 30 minutes prior to your serving time to unload, set your buffet line and then leave after getting the line set and ready for guests to serve themselves. This option is priced by the pound of meat and gallon of side item, using averages of items based on our serving size in stores. Each delivery bid is custom.


You may order a smaller delivery online from our partner GrubSouth. They can usually deliver within an hour of your placing the order, and have just a $15 minimum order before tax to deliver. Simply go to our locations page and click on the delivery button on the location nearest you.

Pick up. We plan food quantities just as with the delivery option, except it is picked up in one of our locations most convenient for you.

Pick up may either be custom based on your menu choices or we offer a variety of “packages” which are designed to be quick and easy for you to order and us to get ready for you. To place a pick-up order, call the location where you would like to pick up and ask to speak with a manager to place your order. We will be tickled pink to help you decide exactly what you need.


Have less than 100? Contact the Individual location closest to your event.

We have Piggy PaCks for small events! Fill it out & send your form to:


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